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Final Release.


released October 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Foundation Atlanta, Georgia

Poetry over Thug-Rock from Atlanta, GA. Straight Edge then, Straight Edge now.

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Track Name: The New Faith
I have lived as a traitor- all of my days
Allowed the enemy to enter our fray
As they climbed ranks, called shots, and spit on the faith
I carried like a sword, dulled by my ways.

Who can I trust, where can I go
Now that the war has followed me home?
For the crime of treason, I am not alone.

I’ve lost myself to years of battle
Against charlatans that will continue
To confuse an open mouth with something said
and believe that violence is being brave.

I’ve held witness- far too long
To dead heroes resurrected with gold
to stab themselves- In the heart and choke on their words
as we applaud.

Who can I trust, where can I go
Now that the war has destroyed my home
For my crimes, I’ve confessed. I now stand alone

So I will lash out
Until I have no fight left
And when the turncoats come for me…

I will gladly fall on my blade before I lay it at their feet

‘cause I will live at least once
with my head in the jaws of a lion
to know the aching joy and sorrow of living
with my heart unburdened
by compromise.
Track Name: A Warm Place In Hell
They say two wrongs never make a right
But they’ve never known love like this
broken, crooked, born from neglect-
we hang on each other to weather this storm.

Thickest of thieves with busted hearts
Run through with regrets.
Who can damn us, when we damned
their world first?

NO, we never said we were good
or said that we were righteous
just that we’re as lost
As any soul on this rock

NO, I never said I was good,
or said that I was righteous,
or that loyalty has no faults,
[it’s the mad against the mad]
Yet they still condemn.

So if we’re meant for the gallows,
then this world is meant for the chair.

Tighten the knots,
drop the switch

there’s a warm place in hell
for me and my friends.
Track Name: Failure Breeds Failure
The Seeds they have sewn
We are- expected to reap…

Conditioned to drag our fingers through
the soil,
hands caked black with dirt of a ground
long made sour
by a disease of the generations
that came before us.
Whose fear and hatred becomes a sickness
That the youth will harvest

As the old guards stand
As monuments to those who refused to fight.
A crushed dreams eulogy
for those around me
who bury their chins
into their chests as
they march into the heart
of darkness… One by One.

(As Another) Failure breeds Failure.

I wont go-
I reject, I deny, I refuse, I will bring forth
Sharpened steel to the rotting bark,
Bring forth the madness from the flames of
A thousand torches
To uproot the orchards and set the fields on fire.

Failure breeds failure…
no more.
Track Name: Devotion III
From the moment we’re born
our sun is made to set,
so just how much time will you waste?
Every Rope Has Its End.

We live like we’re invincible,
but there’s a truth we just can’t ignore
how much of this life will be thrown away?
Every Rope Has Its End.

“So It goes”
leaves turn from green to gold
And fall back to earth, dust turned to stone
and back to dust.
Every last sea will merely be salt,
bone white grains tumble through the (hour) glass.
The end lives in us all waiting for it’s time
To breath out so why
Would we shorten the thread, when there are so many mountains to conquer,
so many bridges to burn, so many busted hearts to mend,
and so many enemies left to crush.

There’s a pine box with my name. There is a plot for you and me. There will be no more hurt, no more sadness, no more
There will be no more hope, no more love, no more devotion,
no more us, no more length to grasp
Every rope has its end!
Track Name: Silence Above, Quiet below
I’d gun down- their undying faith
one bullet at a time just to make the world safe
‘cause there’s no perfect tomorrow- I would’nt trade
for a second chance to undue all the mistakes today.

-How many rounds will it take?

I’ll gun down- your unshakable faith
With my last bullet if it will make the world safe

From those who wash their hands- of blood in his name
waiting to be committed to the dirt
buried six feet closer- to the center of
This sick suffering world that they left to burn

-As we inherit ash, how can you ask me
to believe…

when the salvation that they sell, it costs too much
as we slip deeper into lifes debt, the lie grows out of hand.
So i’ll pay my own way…
Cause the goddamn truth is:

It doesn’t matter what we do,
What we do is all that maters.

‘cause there’s no perfect tomorrow- that I would not trade
for just one more chance- to right the wrongs of today

…What we do is all that matters.